The One Marketing Question You Need To Ask

You want to kick some ass with a product? Want to build a brand that makes money and lasts a long time? Want to build a legacy your kids can inherit? Just discover a true (and good) answer to this one question: Who are you and what do you stand for in the world.

How To Beat Futility

It really doesn’t matter who you are, Sarah Silverman is pretty funny.

Sarah Silverman - The bedwetterAnd, although her memoir The Bedwetter started out kinda slow, it’s getting good because she’s talking about how she started developing her act, her voice. This is the part I love to learn about.

Here’s the setup: At this point in her life, Sarah was just starting out – young, eager, hopeful, chumming about with other comedians working on their acts in NY (people like Luis C.K., Ray Romano, John Stewart). One sentence jumped off the page at me: (more…)

Quick Reason To Love Soccer: John Cleese

It’s football season. I’m not much of an NFL fan, though my family has always supported the Niners through thick and thin, but I am into another kind of football.

I put up a video yesterday about John Cleese on creativity, and speaking of John Cleese, here’s a funny lil’ bit about the difference between American football and the sport we call “soccer.”


John Cleese On Creativity

Very interesting John Cleese video on creativity. Here’s some notes:

  1. There’s a part of our mind that helps us be more creative.
  2. The most dangerous thing when writing is to be interrupted.
  3. (more…)

Articulate: True Things About Experiences

Often times, when you’re in the middle of some experience or situation, you don’t know how to speak truthfully about what’s going on. You’re just in the middle of the situation, and won’t have any wisdom or insight to the what’s, why’s, and how’s until you come through the other side.

Experiences Are Atmospheres

I think some experiences are like being in a kind of environment or landscape… a space with weather and terrain.

I Just Realized I'm Average

The Enneagram tells you what you’re like by helping you understand your personality type. I’ve said before I think this book is unbelievably awesome.

One of the reasons I love it is because it can help you understand if you’re operating in the healthy, average, or unhealthy level of your personality type. Then it gives you some ideas about how to move towards being more healthy.

Well, my friends, I just found out that I’m definitely operating in the “Average” level. Here’s a paragraph that pretty succinctly sums up some shit i’m feeling.

I’ve got to break out of this… more to come.

My Evernote Workflow – Do More With Less

I’ve been using Evernote for a while to keep track of ideas and notes, but it got a bit unwieldy. I had different notebooks within the app, different tags, and shit that has been growing weeds for a few years.

I looked into things like Notational Velocity but I liked Evernote’s image and iphone stuff a bit more than the very cool and minimal route. (I take a lot of pictures of whiteboards, Evernote helps me search through the text therein… sometimes).

PS. there’s a video at the end of this post… so, there’s that, you know, if you like that sort of thing.

So I came up with a bit of a quick fix and i’ve been using it for the past 4 months. I love it. You’d like to hear it? It goes like this: (more…)

Viktor Frankl – Why To Believe In Others (video)

Viktor Frankl wrote Man’s Search For Meaning, an incredible book. Simply incredible (more on the book below). Here is a video of Frankl speaking at a conference in Toronto in 1972. It’s simple and humble, but when he made his point it was a paradigm shift for me.

Man’s Search For Meaning


Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl is among the most influential works of psychiatric literature since Freud. The book begins with a lengthy, austere, and deeply moving personal essay about Frankl’s imprisonment in Auschwitz and other concentration camps for five years, and his struggle during this time to find reasons to live. The second part of the book, called “Logotherapy in a Nutshell,”describes the psychotherapeutic method that Frankl pioneered as a result of his experiences in the concentration camps. Freud believed that sexual instincts and urges were the driving force of humanity’s life; Frankl, by contrast, believes that man’s deepest desire is to search for meaning and purpose. Frankl’s logotherapy, therefore, is much more compatible with Western religions than Freudian psychotherapy. This is a fascinating, sophisticated, and very human book. At times, Frankl’s personal and professional discourses merge into a style of tremendous power. “Our generation is realistic, for we have come to know man as he really is,”Frankl writes. “After all, man is that being who invented the gas chambers of Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who entered those gas chambers upright, with the Lord’s Prayer or the Shema Yisrael on his lips.”

TED Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire… hint "why?"

This is an interesting presentation… feels a little too ethereal in some parts, but the main point I think stands:

If your business will be successful with the masses, it must be successful with the early adopters… In order to be successful with the early adopters, you must sell them the why not the what

I also like his little concentric circle thingy…

Simon Sinek on early adopters

If your business will be successful with the masses, it must be successful with the early adopters… In order to be successful with the early adopters, you must sell them the why not the what

~ Simon Sinek

Sprint – A model of and argument for doing shit quick

I’ve got an idea percolating here. It sprouted from four things:

  1. A conversation my friend Zach and I had where told me the story of a guy he knows who’s super health-nutty… This guy did lots of research and came to the conclusion that the human body was made for sprints, not long distance running.
  2. This problem I have at work where there are times of looooooong mediocre-ness and short bursts of ass kicking productivity.
  3. Espresso. A small shot packing big impact… on your brain, on your energy, on your motivation, and possibly on your guts.
  4. Smoke breaks. I don’t smoke, so I don’t get them.

What if you sprinted at work? What if you had a long day of short sprints broken up with varying breaks? What if you could dive into something completely, abandoned, for 25 minutes straight? (more…)

Creative Process — A Couple Resources

If there’s one thing knowledge workers, artists, musicians, writers, and producers of any kind want to get better at it’s the creative process. Our technology and culture can make it extremely hard to follow through on great ideas; because there’s just too many great links to click, am I right?

So, in the spirit of passing on some high quality links, here are a few resources that might help you center over your work and fire away. (more…)