About Chase Reeves

Chase ReevesHey, I’m Chase Reeves and I’ve been writing about meaning and creativity for almost a decade. I Co-Founded Fizzle.co and I’m the host of The Fizzle Show podcast; both are focused on helping independents earn a living from their creativity and expertise. I’ve also received a bit of internet celebrity on YouTube for my reviews of bags.

Professionally, I got started as a web designer. I focused on re-designing and branding big blogs. My designs were pretty fresh and bold feeling, the internet liked them:

“I have to say this is definitely one of the best blog designs I’ve seen in a VERY long time, and it’s making me rethink my own design as well.” ~ Pat Flynn

“Is Chase Reeves the hottest designer out there right now? Yep. He is.” ~ Derek Halpern

“Chase knows how to find the sweet spot where form and function intersect, as evidenced by his simple yet bold, typography-driven designs.” ~ Chris Pearson

So, I had that going for me.

Corbett Barr + Chase Reeves feat. Sweaters

Corbett Barr + Chase Reeves feat. Sweaters

But I left the freelance design world when I worked with Corbett Barr to redesign his site — we liked each other so much we became business partners and Fizzle.co was born.

I mean, the partnership didn’t happen in a day. We worked together on some projects, developed some ideas, but overtime it was inevitable — we worked well together.

Fast forward 5 years and Corbett and I are still running Fizzle.co, and even though we’ve been at it for 5 years, Fizzle is still in its infancy — I am still in my infancy — and the mission and resolve only deepens.

What’s always driven me, though, is not the success stuff. I like accolades and achievement, of course, but it’s the discovery, the exploration, the trying-to-reveal-the-thing-not-yet-revealed that’s always gotten me.

This is the creative life.

And when I say it’s “gotten me” — even though that’s, like, poor grammar and shit — I mean it. I’m punch drunk with the stuff, I can barely control myself when I feel like there’s something that needs to come out.

I’ve been dealing with that creative struggle professionally for too many years to treat it lightly. There’s frustration in the creative life, frustration that can block you up and harm people you care about. But there’s wisdom too.

Whatever else I’ll be writing about 10 years from now, you can bet living wisely with creativity is at the heart of it. At Fizzle I help people do that to earn a living. Those are some essential skills. And here on this site, I collect things about the soul-side of creativity.

Because you should know that I think creativity is a kind of holy — maybe the only kind of holy there is. Which makes me want to say some cheesy line about “take off your sandals cuz the ground you’re on is holy” or “come with me on this journey” or some shit like that, but I’ll spare you.

Thanks for reading.

Chase Reeves
Winter, 2017

My Businesses & Projects:

Fizzle.co — Training and community for indie entrepreneurs. This is where I create training like this and coach small business owners. My official role is “Creative Director,” but we all were a lot of hats here.

The Fizzle Show — A podcast for creative entrepreneurs.

My Youtube Channel — Bag reviews n’ stuff.