About Chase Reeves

Chase ReevesHey, I’m Chase Reeves, a designer turned entrepreneur trying to figure out what the hell life is about. (I have some ideas.)

I Co-Founded Fizzle.co, host The Fizzle Show podcast, and have achieved z-list internet celebrity status on YouTube for my reviews of bags.

Professionally, I got started as a web designer. I focused on re-designing and branding large blogs. The internet liked them:

“I have to say this is definitely one of the best blog designs I’ve seen in a VERY long time, and it’s making me rethink my own design as well.” ~ Pat Flynn

“Is Chase Reeves the hottest designer out there right now? Yep. He is.” ~ Derek Halpern

“Chase knows how to find the sweet spot where form and function intersect, as evidenced by his simple yet bold, typography-driven designs.” ~ Chris Pearson

So, I had that going for me.

Corbett Barr + Chase Reeves feat. Sweaters

Corbett Barr + Chase Reeves feat. Sweaters

But I left the freelance design world to work with Corbett Barr and create a new company, Fizzle.co, the first communal education platform designed entirely for creative, independent, internet-based small businesses.

5 years later Fizzle was a successful, sustainable small business and I decided to take a step back, make some YouTube videos and travel with my family.

That’s what I’m doing right now — traveling with my family, making YouTube videos and pursuing some interests, like:

  • I’m interested in well made physical and digital products.
  • I’m interested in feeling more comfortable in my own skin, and in ideas and experiences that can make more of us feel more comfortable in our own skin.
  • I’m interested in how engaged, awake and curious modern folks can use modern tools to earn an independent, sustainable, living.
  • I’m interested in helping good things to become popular.

I have struggled with professional creativity for too many years to treat it lightly. There’s frustration in the creative life, frustration that can block you up and harm people you care about. But there’s wisdom too.

I think creativity is a kind of holy thing, so I collect quotes and writings about that kind of thing here.

Thanks for reading.

Chase Reeves
Summer, 2018

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Current Projects:

My Youtube Channel about what products are worth purchasing.

Matterful.co, a website about everyday goods that are actually f*cking good. (I get pissed off when products break their promises.)

The Fizzle Show is a podcast for professional creative entrepreneurs.

Short Bio:

Chase Reeves co-founded Fizzle.co — the first education platform designed for modern indie entrepreneurship — as well as the Chase Reeves YouTube channel, where he makes 60 minute reviews of backpacks that somehow people love watching.